Bids have been publicly advertised for the following goods and services and construction projects.  Bid Documents may be obtained from the Park System Purchasing Department. 
***It is the responsibility of the vendor to check this website for any addenda, revisions or clarifications prior to the bid opening.***
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at 10 am
 5/11/16Bid #0029-16
Furnishing and Delivery of Four-Wheel Electric-Powered Golf Carts 
 No Fee
 5/11/16Bid #0030-16
2016 Licensed Motor Vehicles, Supplement #1 (Plow Truck) 
 No Fee
 5/12/16 Bid #0028-16
Wood Shingle Roof Replacement for Dutch Barn at Historic Longstreet Farm and Cow Barn at Historic Walnford
 5/17/16 Bid #0023-16
Furnishing, Delivery and Application of Dust Control Soil Stabilization Services
 No Fee
 5/17/16 Bid #0031-16
Furnishing and Delivery of Building Maintenance Services
 No Fee
 5/17/16Bid #0034-16
Furnishing, Delivery and Installation of Resilient Cushion-Backed Hard Surface Heterogeneous High Performance Flooring
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Bidders Proposal Packet
 No Fee
 5/19/16 Bid #0032-16
Furnishing of Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Service at Various Parks and Golf Courses
 No Fee
 5/19/16 Bid #0033-16
Furnishing and Delivery of Various Fencing (Wooden & Snow Fence)
 No Fee