Bids have been publicly advertised for the following goods and services and construction projects.  Bid Documents may be obtained from the Park System Purchasing Department. 
***It is the responsibility of the vendor to check this website for any addenda, revisions or clarifications prior to the bid opening.***
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at 10 am
 11/25/15Construction of Paver Walkways and Relocation of Paved Trail at Thompson Park
Bid #0076-15
 12/4/15 Furnishing of a Science
Education Program
Bid #0007-16
No Fee
 12/4/15Furnishing and Delivery of
Janitorial Supplies
Bid #0008-16
 No Fee
 12/8/15Furnishing and Installing Plant Material at Various Parks
Bid #0077-15
No Fee
12/9/15Furnishing of Facilities and Staff
for Summer Sports Camps
Bid #0005-16
No Fee
12/9/15Furnishing and Delivery of Animal Feed, Supplements and Ear Corn
No Fee
Furnishing and Delivery of Gas Pump Repair Parts and Services
Bid #0009-16
 No Fee
 12/11/15 Furnishing, Delivery and Servicing of Portable Toilet Rental Services
Bid #0010-16
No Fee
 12/11/15Repair and Installation of Wooden, Metal and Fiberglass Overhead and Metal Rolling Security Doors
Bid #0011-16
 No Fee
 12/11/15 Furnishing and Delivery of Golf Cart Repair Parts and Services
Bid #0012-16
 No Fee
12/16/15Furnishing and Delivery of Printing Services
Bid #0013-16
No Fee
 Furnishing and Delivery of Grounds and Turf Equipment
(Supplement #2)
Bid #0078-15
 No Fee
Furnishing of Septic Tank Pumping and Disposal Services
Bid #0014-16
 No Fee