All parents must complete, print, sign and return the Camp Form Packet for all camps. 

Camp Form Packet contains:

  1.  Participant Information/Pick-up Authorization Form 

  2.  Assumption of Risk/Release Form

  3.  Participant Health & Accommodations Form 

  4. Behavior Management Policy

In the event your child requires special accommodations, has a food allergy or requires medications be taken during camp, these additional forms (please note that these forms do not apply to Therapeutic Recreation Camps) must be completed and returned along with the Camp Form Packet:  

Please note that all forms are PDFs and require Adobe Reader to open.

Please mail the completed, signed forms to:

Thompson Park Visitor Center
Monmouth County Park System
805 Newman Springs Road
Lincroft, NJ 07738

If these forms are not returned, your child may not be allowed to participate in camp. You only need to complete one set of these forms regardless of the number of camps your child is registered for. 

 Policies/What-to-bring Lists/Schedules

Many of our camps have specific policies, what-to-bring lists, schedules, and drop-off/pick up information to help you prepare for your child's camp visit. 

 Big Brook Camps

Creative Arts Center Camps

Cultural Services Camp Policies 

Dorbrook Recreation Area Camps 

Summer Camp Meeting Areas in Dorbrook (Map)

Fort Monmouth Summer Camps 

Historic Longstreet Farm Camps

Nature & Eco Camps

Odyssey Camps

Performing Arts Camps - Tatum Park

Performing Arts Camps - Thompson Park 

St. John Vianney Sport Camps

Sunnyside Equestrian Camps 


For more information about camp forms, call 732-842-4000, ext. 4312, or email