The Monmouth County Park System - The First Fifty Years
The Monmouth County Park System: The First Fifty Years
Created in celebration of the Park System's 50th Anniversary, The Monmouth County Park System: The First Fifty Years is filled with rich first-hand accounts and old photographs.  Now available online, the book has been divided into the following pdfs:
    • Cover, Dedication, Contents & Acknowledgements             
    • Prologue  
    • The 1960s  
    • The 1970s 
    • The 1980s   
    • The 1990s  
    • The 2000s   
    • Parks 1-10  (Shark River Park, Holmdel Park & Longstreet Farm, Turkey Swamp Park, Howell Park Golf Course, Thompson Park, Baysholm Tract, Durand Tract, East Freehold Showgrounds, Tatum Park, and Shark River Golf Course)
    • Parks 11-20  (Hartshorne Woods Park, Mount Mitchill Scenic Overlook, Huber Woods Park, Hominy Hill Golf Course, Deep Cut Gardens, Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park, Clayton Park, Weltz Park, Pine Brook Golf Course and Historic Walnford)
    • Parks 21-25  (Dorbrook Recreation Area, Bayshore Waterfront Park, Manasquan Reservoir, Henry Hudson Trail, and Monmouth Cove Marina) 
    • Parks 26-30  (Sunnyside Recreation Area, Charleston Springs Golf Course, Crosswicks Creek Greenway, Manasquan River Greenway, and Fisherman’s Cove Conservation Area)
    • Parks 31-38 & Bibliography   (Bel-Aire Golf Course, Wolf Hill Recreation Area, Big Brook Park, DeBois Creek Recreation Area, Union Transportation Trail, Perrineville Lake Park, Metedeconk River Greenway, and Yellow Brook Tract)