Bids have been publicly advertised for the following goods and services and construction projects.  Bid Documents may be obtained from the Park System Purchasing Department. 
***It is the responsibility of the vendor to check this website for any addenda, revisions or clarifications prior to the bid opening.***
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at 10 am
 12/21/17Bid #0080-17
Charleston Springs Golf Course Cart Path Repairs
12/22/17 Bid #0020-18
Furnishing and Delivery of Sewer Line Cleaning, Septic System Repair 
No Fee 
12/22/17 Bid #0021-18
Furnishing and Delivery of Road Maintenance Materials 
No Fee 
1/4/18 Bid #0022-18
Temporary Use and Occupancy of Monmouth County Board of Recreation Commissioners Land for Pastureland use at Crosswicks Creek, Field 1F, Upper Freehold, for the years 2018-2022 
No Fee 
1/4/18 Bid #0023-18
Furnishing, Delivery and Application of Dust Control Soil Stabilization Services 
No Fee 
1/5/18 Bid #0081-17
Bidders Packet
Furnishing and Installing Plant Material at Various Parks 
Prevailing Wage 
No Fee