Looking to improve your game? Private lessons provide an opportunity for you and a member of our teaching staff to tailor individual instruction to your specific needs and goals.  Individual half- and full-hour sessions, as well as discounted five-lesson packages, are available.

Lessons are given at our  Bel-Aire Golf Course, Hominy Hill Golf Course, Howell Park Golf Course, and Charleston Springs Golf Course. Private lesson gift certificates may be purchased at the Golf Center at the golf courses listed above.

Private Golf Lessons with PGA/LPGA Pro

ADULTS (ages 17 & up) JUNIORS (ages 16 & under)
 One ½-hour session: $54      One ½-hour session: $49
Five ½-hour sessions: $239 Five ½-hour sessions: $227
One 1-hour session: $89  One 1-hour session: $80
Five 1-hour sessions: $399 Five 1-hour sessions: $379

Private Golf Lessons with Teaching Pro

One ½-hour session: $43 One ½-hour session:  $39
Five ½-hour sessions: $194 Five ½-hour sessions: $184
One 1-hour session: $74  One 1-hour session: $67
Five 1-hour sessions: $333 Five 1-hour sessions: $316

Call one of our instructors directly to schedule an appointment.

Our Expert Instruction Staff:

Dave Laudien, PGA Professional 732-845-3700  Email Dave
Lloyd Monroe, PGA Professional  732-449-7977  Email Lloyd
Stan Bryck, Teaching Professional  732-370-0478
Kathy Ricci, LPGA Professional 908-907-1961 Email Kathy
Cory Turkel, PGA Professional   848-482-0050 Email Cory


This innovative program offers golfers who have already learned the fundamentals of grip, stance and swing, or more experienced players, an on-course opportunity to learn more about how to play the game. Instruction will cover such topics as shot & club selection, playing from the rough, difficult lies, sand play, chip & pitch shots, course management, rules & etiquette, pace of play and more. Sessions are two hours long. Available for individuals or two participants, with special discounted rates for junior golfers. Call instructor to schedule an appointment.

On-Course Playing Lesson with PGA/LPGA Pro

ADULTS (ages 17 & up)
1 person - $190
2 people - $300

JUNIORS (ages 11-16)
1 person - $165
2 people - $235

Call one of our instructors directly to schedule an appointment.