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Gentle Yoga


The benefits of yoga are numerous. Yoga poses gently elongate muscles, relieving stiffness, taking pressure off of joints and increasing range of motion. Yoga is often recommended by doctors to help alleviate symptoms of arthritis and to strengthen bones that become weak with the aging process. It can also assist you in balance, which becomes more difficult as we get older. Poses can be done safely using props such as being seated in a chair or using a wall for support in standing balance poses. Finish with relaxation and breathe control. Instructor: Sonya Burke, RYT Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor

All Levels Five 1-Hr Sessions
Fort Monmouth Rec Ctr Group Fitness Room
Mon, Jul 16-Aug 20 1:00-2:00 PM
XVR83A No Class 8/6
$78.00 Per Person


All Levels Five 1-Hr Sessions Henry Hudson Trail Act Ctr
Fri, Jul 20-Aug 24 12:00-1:00 PM
XVT83A No Class 8/3
$78.00 Per Person