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Penguins- Sibling Swim

(ages 4-9)

Now your kids of different ages can take the same swim class! Swim instructors will split children by age for more individualized instruction and bring the group together for the last part of each class. Please see the descriptions below to find the right level for your children. Refunds are only granted if class is cancelled by the Park System.

Beginner Eight 40-Min Sessions

This is a water exploration class teaching elementary skills including flutter kicks and arm strokes, floating with help, and basic water safety rules.
Dorbrook Rec Area TPool
Wed, Jun 20-Aug 15 4:00-4:40 PM
XFP83A No Class 7/4/18
$120.00 2 People


Intermediate Eight 40-Min Sessions
This is a primary skills level class. Children should be comfortable jumping into the water and putting their faces in the water. At the end of the program children should be able to swim short distances using flutter kicks and arm strokes with some assistance and float on their front and back.
Dorbrook Rec Area TPool
Wed, Jun 20-Aug 15 4:45-5:25 PM
XEW83A No Class 7/4/18
$120.00 2 People


Advanced Eight 40-Min Sessions
This is a stroke readiness level class. Children should be able to fully submerge their face and head in the water prior to taking this class. At the end of the session children will be able to retrieve objects from the bottom of the pool and be able to swim 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke.
Dorbrook Rec Area TPool
Wed, Jun 20-Aug 15 5:30-6:10 PM
XEX83A No Class 7/4/18
$120.00 2 People