Join Our Volunteer Team!

Volunteers can be found in many different roles throughout the Park System. Every year, over 1000 individuals enrich the Monmouth County Park System through their dedication in the “Volunteers in Parks” program.  The steadfast support of our volunteers contributes to the success of recreation programs, special events, and facilities.

Share your time and talents and become a member of the Park System Volunteer Staff.  Join us in a number of notable jobs!

• Special Events such as Earth Day, Monmouth County Fair, Thompson Park Day
• Equestrian/Horse Care
• Race Assistants
• Gardening/Pruning
• Programs/Camps
• Trails Maintenance
• Docents/Receptionists
• Environmental Cleanups/Beach Sweeps

To join the ranks of the VIPs, contact the Volunteer Office at 732-842-4000, ext. 4283 or

Getting Started 

Before beginning your volunteer work with the Monmouth County Park System, you must file a Volunteer in Park Application (VIP form) with the Office of Volunteer Services. For an application, download the form in pdf format  and mail to Coordinator of Volunteers, 805 Newman Springs Road, Lincroft, NJ 07738.

The Coordinator of Volunteers will review your application, references, and background information. You may be called for a personal interview by the Coordinator of Volunteers or a Park Supervisor. After all the checks have been made and reviewed, a recommendation may be made to place you as a volunteer in your area of interest.

The Monmouth County Park System requires that all volunteers be 18 years of age or older. Junior Volunteers, ages 14-17, must be supervised by a parent, legal guardian or an authorized park employee. In some situations, it may be desirable or necessary for the Park System to place a child volunteer, age 13 or younger (i.e. at a theater performance or family life demonstration at a farm/historic site). Under those circumstances, a parent or legal guardian must provide direct on-site supervision.

Children, ages 13 and younger, who volunteer as a group (i.e. Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, church organizations) for a one-time activity (i.e. clean-up, planting) may volunteer without their parents, provided there is a ratio of one adult for every seven children. Teens, ages 14-17, who volunteer as a group must have a ratio of one adult for every ten volunteers. These exceptions each require a parental consent/release form for every child. 

Volunteers who reached milestones
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