Classes Offered At Your Location
These traveling arts programs will engage and entertain groups of all ages.  Participants learn to express themselves through drama and dance, or watch a unique puppet show about people with disabilities. Please call the phone number listed for more information.  

1.   African/Caribbean Dance    
A dance instructor will visit your facility and teach your group how to move to the beat of traditional African and Caribbean dances.  Call 732-460-1167 for more information.
Ages 6 and older          1 ½ hours          Group Size: 30 MAX

2.  Performing Arts     
Participants will be introduced to elements of drama in a casual, informational setting.  Character and improvisation are just two of the topics covered.  This class can be held at your location or at one of the park facilities.  Call  732-542-1642 for more information.
Ages 8 and older           45 minutes             Group Size: 8 – 15

3.   Kids on the Block Puppet Program   
This learning-through-entertainment program helps children understand cognitive and physical disabilities through our unique puppet program. Topics covered can include: blindness, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, learning disabilities, the issues associated with being the sibling of someone with a disability, and teasing.  Program is available February – November. Call 732-460-1167, ext 24 for more information.
K – 4th Grade           1 hour           Group Size: 75 MAX


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