Over the past fifty years, the Park System has grown by leaps and bounds.  Here's a look back at how some things have changed (and some haven't) over the years. No matter how clothing styles and playground equipment change, the Park System will always be a place where families have fun, memories are made and the beauty of nature endures. Click on image to make larger.


Barn complex at Longstreet Farm 1967 Barn complex at Historic Longstreet Farm today
Barns at Historic Longstreet Farm, Holmdel in 1967 (left) and restored (right)

 Turkey Swamp Park 1974 Turkey Swamp 2009
Turkey Swamp Park lakefront in 1974 (left) and in 2019 (right)

Shark River Playground 1969 Shark River Playground   
Shark River Park Playground in 1969 (left) and in 2018 (right)

Holmdel Park Shelter Building under construction 1973 Holmdel Park Shelter Building - December 2009
Holmdel Park Shelter Building, Holmdel during construction in 1973 (left) and completed. (right)

Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park in 1979  Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park in 2008
Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park, Long Branch in 1978 (left) and in 2018 (right)

Historic Walnford in 1981 Historic Walnford in 2008
Historic Walnford, Upper Freehold in 1981 (left) and restored. (right)

Holmdel Park Playground - 1968 Hillltop Playground
Playground in Holmdel Park, Holmdel in 1968 (left) and in 2016 (right)

Thompson Park Creative Arts Center in 1993 Thompson Park Creative Arts Center today
The Creative Arts Center in Thompson Park in 1993, as it looked as a dairy barn on Marlu Farm, (left) and today (right) after extensive renovations.

Hominy Hill Golf Course 1940's  Hominy Hill Golf Course Clubhouse today
Construction of the Hominy Hill Golf Course Clubhouse in the 1940's (left) and today (right)

Huber Woods Environmental Center 1950 Huber Woods Environmental Center now
The Huber family home in 1950 (left) and today as the Huber Woods Environmental Center (right)

Manasquan Reservoir 1989 Manasquan Reservoir today
The area that was to become the Manasquan Reservoir in 1989 (left) and today (right)

Highlands Army Air Defense personnel 1940 Battery Lewis at Hartshorne Woods Park today
Highlands Army Air Defense personnel 1940 in front of Battery Lewis (left) and Battery Lewis today
at Hartshorne Woods Park (right)

Nike Missile launch site demolition 1973  Site of the Nike Missle launchers at Holmdel Park today
The tennis courts at Holmdel Park were once the site of Nike Missile Battery 54 as part of the Cold War defense for New York harbor (left). Today, this same area is now the location for the Holmdel Park tennis courts.