Tee Time Reservation System

2020 Tee Time Schedule  

Reserved tee times shall be cancelled 12 hours prior to your tee time in order to avoid a "no-show" penalty and to free up the time for other golfers.

Our automated reservation system offers a quick and easy way to reserve, review, modify or cancel advance tee times 24 hours a day/seven days a week online.

System Access: Access to the Tee Time Reservation System is included with the purchase of a Golf Card. Golf Cards must be purchased in-person at a Monmouth County Park System golf course. It is available for use immediately. Your access number is the number printed below the bar code on your Golf Card. Your pin number is the last four digits of your social security number, or the four digits you chose when your card was issued.

Advance Reservations: Available beginning at 8 p.m. seven days in advance.

For example: Tee times for Saturday become available the preceding Saturday at 8 p.mUnreserved tee times become available on the day of play as same-day reservations or walk-on times.

Same-day reservations using the Reservation System are available a minimum of 60 minutes in advance.

Walk-Ons: At Charleston Springs, Hominy Hill, Howell Park and Shark River Golf Courses, walk-on tee times are set aside once an hour, on the hour through the start of matinee, for twosomes, threesomes and foursomes who do not use the Reservation System. Other unreserved times are available on a first-come, first-served basis or as a same-day reservation. Whether reserving a tee time through the Reservation System or walking on, a single golfer will only be given a tee time by being paired with a twosome or threesome. Each golf center maintains a first-come, first-serve singles-list, and will assign tee times when an opening becomes available.

Cancellations: Golfers must cancel 12 hour prior to their tee time using the tee time reservation system to avoid incurring a no show penalty. The courses will not accept any cancellations.

Non-Card Holders: May make tee time reservations online, no more than two days in advance. A pre-paid and non-refundable reservation fee will be charged per golfer reserved at time of booking.

No Show Policy: No-show penalties occur when a golfer fails to honor a reservation made in his or her name through the Tee Time Reservation System. A “no-show” is anyone not canceling a reserved tee time 12 hour prior to the tee time or failing to personally honor a reservation made in his or her name.

  • Currently, the Monmouth County Park System designates a no-show as a group who, as an entire TWOSOME, THREESOME or FOURSOME, fail to show or arrive later than one-half hour before the reserved time.
  • The golfer who made the reservation will be removed from the Reservation System until he/she pays the no-show fee for the entire group.
  • Calling the Golf Center to cancel a reservation on the morning of play will not exempt the golfer from a no-show penalty, unless inclement weather prevents play.
  • The Park System reserves the right to register any golfers in the vacated time(s).
  • A no show appeal form can be obtained at each golf center or online.