Figurative Exhibit
October 24-November 13

Thompson Park Creative Arts Center, Lincroft  
Opening Friday, October 23 from 5-7 p.m.  
The Gallery is open Wednesday-Saturday, 12–4 p.m., or by appointment.


Piece by Gunkelman
Piece by
Nancie Gunkelman

Piece by Kolflat
Piece by Gail Kolflat 


Piece by Pascucci
Piece by Michael V. Pascucci


Piece by Kenneth Witkowski
Piece by Kenneth Witkowski 


Piece by Zingerman
Piece by
Konstantin Zingerman


Piece by Carol Magnatta
Piece by Carol Magnatta


Piece by R. Rappleyea
Piece by Richard Rappleyea


Piece by S. Taylor
Piece by Sandy Taylor


Piece by N. Thomson
Piece by Nora Thomson

This exhibit features work that portrays images of people in an array of mediums.
Admission and parking are free.   

Please visit the Creative Arts Center Office for admittance. Limited occupancy; masks mandatory.

Featured artists:

  • Elaine Shor – Guest Judge
  • Michael V. Pascucci
  • Mary O’Malley-Joyce
  • Marie Maber
  • Rosemary Venter
  • Nancie Gunkelman
  • J. Marion Simmons
  • Mary Klawetter
  • Gail Kolflat
  • Konstantin Zingerman
  • MaryAnn Goodwin
  • Richard Rappleyea
  • Nora Thomson
  • Sandy Taylor
  • Jeanne Power
  • Robert Stetz
  • Yao-Chung Tsao
  • Michele Rath
  • Carol Magnatta
  • Maryanne Mezzacappa
  • Kenneth Witkowski


For more information on this or upcoming exhibits, please email, or call 732-842-4000, ext. 3343.

Upcoming Exhibit  

Student & Instructor Exhibit   

Receiving: November 18 & 19 and November 30 & December 1
Opening: December 5
Closing: December 11
Pick up: December 14-18