Sunnyside Equestrian Center

628 Middletown-Lincroft Road, Middletown         732-224-1367 press 4#

The Sunnyside Equestrian Center is where Park System equestrian programs are held. Limited group programs are available. Please call 732-224-1376, press 4 for rates and scheduling.

1.  Group Therapeutic Riding
Offered in affiliation with SPUR, these lessons provide an opportunity for persons with disabilities to participate in therapeutic horseback riding. Individual goals are set for each participant. Participants must complete an application. Sitting stability is required. Groups ages 4 and up with disabilities. Please call for more information.

2.  Horses Across America
Learn about horses in history and around the world while making wonderful art projects to take home. Groups will choose a horse breed native to North America to study during the class. One medium for the art project can be chosen, including but not limited to: watercolor, acrylics, sculpture materials, oil pastels, pen and ink, and collage. Groups ages 8 and up, with or without disabilities, can number 5 to 10.

3.  Equestrian Experience
Learn the basics of horse care management and safety. Participants will have the opportunity to groom and interact with the horses at Sunnyside Equestrian Center. Great fun for church and scout groups! Groups ages 7 and up, with a maximum of 10. 1.5 hour session.

4.  Disability Awareness
Participants learn about therapeutic horseback riding and what it might feel like to live with a disability. Groups ages 8-11, between 5-20 participants and 3-5 chaperones. 2-3 hour session.

5.  Equine Exploration
Are you crazy about horses? Want to learn more? Explore the world of horses and horseback riding. 
Girl Scouts, this is a great way to earn a badge!

  • Fun with Horses
    Explore the tack room, feed room and stalls at Sunnyside. Learn how to groom a horse and what it means to tack up. Children will go for a short ride with the assistance of their parent. Groups ages 4-7 can number 5-10, with a chaperone for each child. 1.5 hour session.  
  • Horse Fan
    Learn how to safely interact with horses and discover more about different riding disciplines and careers with horses. Girl Scout participants will fulfill the requirements for the Horse Fan Badge. Groups ages 8-11, between 5-10 participants. 1.5 hour session.
  • Horse Rider
    Continue learning about horses and riding, as well as the equipment necessary for riding and its care. Prepare a horse for a riding lesson, and participate in a group ride to demonstrate basic safe riding skills. Girls Scouts participants will fulfill the requirements for the Horse Rider badge. Groups ages 8-11, between 5-10 participants. 2 hour session   
  • Horse Sense
    Be horse smart! Explore what it takes to choose the right horse for you. Investigate the equipment you need and the financial responsibilities of owning your own horse. Discover more about equine career options and how to pursue them. Girl Scout participants will fulfill the requirements for the Horse Sense badge. Groups ages 10-17, between 5-10 participants. Two 2 hour sessions.
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