Course Championships and Grand Slam Championship

Each of the four Course Championships consists of two 18-hole stroke play qualifier rounds for each flight category on the first weekend; the top eight golfers from each flight will move on to match play the following weekend.

To determine which flight a golfer will be competing in, the GHIN handicap index with this flight breakdown will be used:

  • Championship Flight: 6.9 and under          
  • A Flight: 7.0 – 10.9                                                       
  • B Flight: 11.0 – 15.9                                                         
  • C Flight: 16.0 and up           

(Each player has the option to challenge up to the next flight).

By participating in any Course Championship a player automatically enters into two competitions: the Course Championship itself and the Grand Slam Championship. The overall Grand Slam Champion per flight will be determined based on points awarded for each golfer’s finish in each Course Championship played in.  Points will be distributed as follows:

  • Post two scores during qualifying and earn one (1) point toward the Grand Slam Championship.
  • Advance to the first round of any match play and earn 3 points.
  • Advance to the semifinals and earn 5 points.
  • Finish in second place and earn 7 points.
  • Win the flight and earn 10 points.

The handicap index used for the first Course Championship entered, will lock a player into the appropriate flight then used for all Course Championships to follow. (If using the course handicap to flight players, a player could potentially end up playing in different flights at different Course Championships and would not qualify for the overall Grand Slam Championship; therefore, the decision was made to use the handicap index instead.)

If a handicap index change would occur throughout the season that would place a player in a different flight at a different Course Championship and the player is not interested in being in the running for the Grand Slam Championship, the golfer might play in the flight he would qualify for based on his changed handicap index. However, at this point, the player would forfeit any points previously earned and would be eliminated from the overall Grand Slam Championship contention in any flight.

By default it is assumed that all participants continue to play in all Course Championships entered in the flights they initially qualify for. Otherwise please contact Golf Administration.

After the last Course Championship, the winner will be presented with a trophy and be recognized as Monmouth County’s Grand Slam Champion for their respective flight. Players need to obtain only one handicap at a Monmouth County golf course to compete in all four events. If you have any questions, please contact Golf Administration at 732-462-9224, ext. 1#.