Volunteer Accomplishments in 2019

1,226 volunteers in 2,003 positions contributed 25,989 hours of service in 2019:

CORE TRAINING was provided for 322 individuals in one or more of the following subjects – volunteer orientation; basic safety; pruning trees & shrubs; trail maintenance; tool maintenance; invasive species removal; park docents; program assistants; endangered bird monitors.

“JUST FOR YOU” educational workshops facilitated by Park Ecologists, Park Naturalists, Park Historians, and Park Managers were attended by 204 volunteers. Sessions ranged from talks on various nature/wildlife topics and natural resources, to tours of park facilities, a bird walk, and informational hikes.

tended the gardens at various locations including Thompson Park, Dorbrook Recreation Area, Huber Woods, Hartshorne Woods, Mount Mitchill Scenic Overlook, Holmdel Park, Deep Cut Gardens, Manasquan Reservoir, Longstreet Farm, Fisherman’s Cove (3,583 hours)  


  • helped at beach and park clean-ups and invasive plant removal (2,633 hours) 
  • acted as historic interpreters at Longstreet Farm and Historic Walnford (310 hours)  
  • served as educators and beach nesting bird monitors at Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park (686 hours)  

TRAILS TEAM members Invested (1,373 hours) building and maintaining over 140 miles of Park System trails

  • provided assistance with park programs and camps for children and adults; including those for seniors and challenged individuals  (5228 hours)   
  • assisted with therapeutic riding lessons at Sunnyside Recreation Area (6206 hours)  

were staffed including the Monmouth County Fair, Thompson Park Day, Wind & Sea Festival, Earth Day, Walnford Day, Harvest Home Festival, Creative Arts & Music Festival; E. Murray Todd Half Marathon, Timberbrook Triathlon  (2,272 hours)   

DOCENTS staffed welcome desks at visitor centers and others provided ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT in various areas (2,400 hours)

In 2019, 119 volunteers contributed 40-99 hours and 57 volunteers contributed 100+ hours of service.    In addition, ten volunteers reached significant lifetime milestones including one at 4,000 hours, one at 3,000 hours, one at 2,000 hours, and 7 at 1,000 hours. 

Independent Sector, a leadership forum for charities and nonprofits in the US, has estimated that the average value of volunteer service in New Jersey was $28.82/hour. Based on this figure, the 2019 in-kind service provided by Park System Volunteers equals $749,00.

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