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Brand New to Yoga Series! Level 1


Think yoga isn't for you? Think again! Come and discover yoga at your own pace in a fun, relaxed and positive atmosphere. Enjoy all the benefits of yoga while learning proper breathing techniques, alignment and safety. Designed for beginners, this program will teach foundational yoga postures with each class building on the previous. You will reduce stress as you gain confidence, flexibility, strength and focus. Our certified instructor will help you develop an understanding of yoga while paving the way to enhanced health and vitality. Please bring a yoga mat and a towel or blanket. Instructor: Talena Ward (Mondays) Lisa Mandragona (Thursdays)

All Levels Ten 1-Hr Sessions
Fort Monmouth Rec Ctr Group Fitness Room
Mon, Jun 25-Aug 27 6:00-7:00 PM
XTR83X $130.00 Per Person