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Wild for Bats Summer nights

(all ages)

Find out all about these wonderful, misunderstood creatures of the night and why it is important to have them around. After an interactive presentation that will introduce us to a number of local and exotic bat species and what makes them so unique, we will take a brief walk through the park to explore the habitats bats call home (weather permitting), all while using a bat detector in the hopes of finding a real live bat!

All Levels One 1-Hr Session Clayton Park Classroom 1 Act Ctr
Fri, Aug 31 7:00-8:00 PM
I4983A $10.00 Per Person


All Levels One 30-Min Session
Bat House Build
After Our Wild for Bats program, you can stick around to build your very own bat house to take home and put up in your yard! Become a true bat ambassador by providing them a suitable habitat to survive in your own community. (Additional registration required- see below for details)
Clayton Park Classroom 1 Act Ctr
Fri, Aug 31 8:00-8:30 PM
I5783A $48.00 Per Kit