Join us for a series of eye-opening talks by Park System Naturalists to discover what’s lurking in or near the waters and wetlands of Monmouth County. Presentations are designed to inform the public of current issues, ecology and science research, and to inspire appreciation for the local natural world. Open to adults. FREE! 

Here's what's planned:                   

Dogfish Are Sharks!    
Thursday, April 18 from 7-8 p.m.   
Don’t let these smaller sharks fool you. Dogfish might not be as intimidating as some of their larger cousins, but they are incredibly interesting creatures. Discover everything you wanted to know about the most common sharks to be found in coastal waters in Monmouth County. Join a Park System Naturalist as we get to know our dog sharks!
Horseshoe Crabs Trying to Survive in a Modern World    
Wednesday, May 22 from 7-8 p.m.   
Horseshoe crabs are vital to the ecology of local tidal waters in Monmouth County. Every year, during the full and new moons in May and June, many horseshoe crabs crawl onto beaches to spawn and create the next generation, as they have for at least 350 million years. But today there are many threats to the survival of these ancient seafarers. Join us as we discover why the population of horseshoe crabs is declining and what people are doing to protect these ancient mariners.