Freneau Woods Park

360 Monastary Lane, Aberdeen Township, NJ 07747    

Life in a Rotting Log
Wednesday, August 2 from 11 a.m.-12 p.m.  

Who knew so much life could be found in a rotting log? Experience the tremendous amount of life found on the forest floor, in soils, and inside rotting logs. If you love insects and all things bugs, then this activity is for you! We will look for crazy and fun critters such as crickets, worms, millipedes, beetles and more! We will find out how a diversity of animals depends on a healthy forest. Please dress to get dirty. Closed-toe shoes only. Open to ages 8 and up, with adult. Meet in the Monastary Lane lot. FREE!    

leffert view

Located along the headwaters of Matawan Creek and Lake Lefferts, this 155-acre park is comprised mostly of woodland and protects critical wildlife habitat and bolsters water quality in the region. Both historically and environmentally significant, the park provides open space in a densely populated area of the county.

No restrooms or other facilities are open at this time. The park is open for self-directed, passive recreation at the Greenwood Road access in Marlboro. Formal trails will be established throughout the park in the future. The former St. Basil Monastery property is closed except for scheduled Park System programs. The Monastery buildings will eventually host recreation, art and environmental education programs.


The park is named after a poet of the American Revolution, Philip Morin Freneau, whose family once partly owned the property. Known for his inspirational poetry and influential political articles in support of the American Revolution, Freneau played an important role shaping the country’s history.


Take Route 79 (also called Freneau Road) north or south to Wilson Avenue. Go west on Wilson Avenue. Turn right onto Monastary Lane. Continue to the end of the road. Parking area is on the left.

FROM ROUTE 34       
Take Route 34 north or south to Mill Road. Go west on Mill Road. Turn right onto Route 79 North (also called Freneau Road). Turn left onto Wilson Avenue. Turn right onto Monastary Lane. Continue to the end of the road. Parking area is on the left next to the Activity Center.  Parking area is on the left.