Bayshore Waterfront Park

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Seabrook-Wilson House (Activity Center) Info Sheet

Park opens at 7 a.m. 365 days a year.
Closing time is 9 p.m. through June 7; 9:30 p.m. June 8-July 17; and 9 p.m. July 18-August 15.

Open House of the Historic Seabrook-Wilson House
Sundays now through October 25 from 1-4 p.m.

The historic Seabrook-Wilson House, informally known as the “Spy House”, will open its doors for self-guided tours. Come inside with your family and friends to visit the Seabrook-Wilson house, which dates back to the early 1700s. The house includes displays on the ecology of the bay and local history including the American Revolution and maritime culture. Enjoy views of New York City and the beauty of the bay while visiting this well-known historic house.

Work is underway on a federally funded beach replenishment project. Once complete in early 2015, visitors will enjoy a considerably wider beach and an extended fishing pier. Click here for a diagram and additional details on the project.

** The fishing pier is currently closed due to the beach replenishment project. Eventually the pier will be extended beyond the new shoreline.
Completion is expected sometime in early 2015.

Bayshore Waterfront Park, located in Port Monmouth next to Monmouth Cove Marina, preserves a thriving coastal landscape on Sandy Hook Bay.  Enjoy the maritime shrublands, tidal creeks, salt marshes, dunes, mile of beach and scenic views across the water.  The park offers a fishing pier, access to Raritan Bay, and beautiful views of the NY skyline.  The Park System continues to add to this site's 227 acres in the Bayshore area.

seabrook-wilson house
Bayshore Waterfront Park Activity Center
This park is also home of the Bayshore Waterfront Park Activity Center (Seabrook-Wilson House), one of the oldest surviving houses in the region. This large frame building, dating back to the early 1700's, was constructed in several phases over the course of two hundred years. The Park System acquired the building from Middletown Township in 1998. The building has been fully restored and now hosts Park System nature and history programs. Most programs require pre-registration. Upcoming programs at Bayshore Waterfront Park may be found be using our program search tool here.  

The building is open from 1-4 p.m. on Sunday afternoons, late April through October. To arrange a visit at other times, please call 732-787-3033, ext. 2. Inside, visitors can enjoy exhibits about the ecology of the Sandy Hook Bay, the history of the house within the greater Port Monmouth community, and the connection between them. 
Please be aware NJ anglers age 16 and up are now required to register with the NJ Saltwater Angler Registry (for free) to fish in marine and fresh tidal waters of NJ. For more information regarding the registration, click here.
Drop-In Local Nature Lecture Series

Join us for a series of eye-opening talks by Park System Naturalists to discover what’s lurking in the coastal waters of Monmouth County. The presentations are designed to inform the public of current issues, ecology and science research, and to inspire appreciation for the local natural world. FREE!

Horseshoe Crabs   
Thursday, May 7 from 7-8 p.m.    
It’s the season to see horseshoe crabs again along the beach. Horseshoe crabs are some of the last remaining living fossils on earth. Unknown to many, we have horseshoe crabs residing right here in Monmouth County. Unfortunately, the population is declining and in need of protection. This talk will introduce you to this little-appreciated organism and highlight its importance to the environment and how you can make a difference in ongoing conservation efforts.

Dolphins Facts & Tales  
Wednesday, June 17 from 7-8 p.m.   
There are varieties of beautiful dolphins that can be found swimming along the shores of Monmouth County. Come join a Park System Naturalist to find out the ecology associated with these delightful marine mammals. This presentation is a great opportunity to learn about the dolphins found in area waters. The talk will address the importance of dolphins to the local marine ecosystem, the factors which are affecting their survival, and ways you can help.

Sharks & Shark Bites    
Saturday, August 8 from 7-8 p.m.    
Monmouth County is home to many different species of sharks: great white, mako, blue and thresher to name just a few. It’s also home to the famous shark attacks of 1916 that inspired the movie “Jaws”. As we enter Shark Week, this talk will get into the history and ecology of local sharks as well as why they are important to protect. Not to be missed by any shark enthusiast!

Park Map (pdf)

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  • Hwy. 36 in Middletown to Main St., Port Monmouth. Follow Main St. to Wilson Ave., turn left and continue to end. Turn left onto Port Monmouth Rd. Follow Port Monmouth Rd. to Park at end. 
  • Garden State Parkway to exit 117, follow Hwy. 36 south (see above).