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Call for Entries!

Dreamscapes Exhibi
Exhibit runs April 21-June 17 

The Gallery is presently seeking artwork inspired by dreamlike imagery. Surreal landscapes, fantastical narrative paintings, or any work that evokes a feeling of a world of reverie is applicable. Artists of any medium are welcome to apply.

  • Submission deadline: April 7
  • Artist notification: April 14
  • Artist drop off: April 17
  • Opening: April 21, 5-7 p.m.
  • Closing: June 17
  • Pick up: June 19

To apply, please complete the application and return by submission deadline.

For more information, please see
Call for Entries.

Tactile Exhibit 

Exhibit runs February 17-April 15, Wednesday through Saturday, 12-4 p.m.

Exhibiting Artists: 
Padma Aleti
William Beam
Hilary Binder-Klein
Jay Bosniak
Helen Cole
Laura Copeland
Mary Loiuse Doner
AnnMarie Fitzsimmons
Susan Fusco
Jane Gavaghen
Dena Gelband
Stephanie Glaser
MaryAnn Goodwin
Laura Gordon
Gwynneth Green
Gloria Z Gross
Nancie Gunkelman
Robbie Hall
Beverly Hertler
George Hess
Katherine B. Keikuatoff
Steven Lewis
Marie Maber
Carol Magnatta
Mona Marrin
Mary O’Malley-Joyce
Mary Pardovich
Michael Pardovich
Eileen Reed
Richard Rappleyea
Emily Rosa
Leonardo Ruggieri
Jennifer SantaMaria
Debra Stasiak
Jill R. Stein
Sandy Taylor
Denise Van Dyke
Arianna Vig
Jacqueline Ward
Barbara Withers
Cynthia Zimmerman
Joel Zimmerman
Konstantin Zingerman

Artist - Aleti
Artist - Aleti


Artist - Bosniak 
Artist - Bosniak


Artist - Lewis  
Artist - Lewis


Artist - Mary Pardovich  
Artist - Mary Pardovich

Artist - Van Dyke
Artist - Van Dyke 

For more information about the Gallery or its exhibits, contact Katie Stone at 732-842-4000, ext. 4333 or