Huber Woods Environmental Center & Reptile House

25 Brown's Dock Road, Locust (Middletown Twp.) , NJ
732-872-2670 or 0336

Hours: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., weekdays & 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., weekends
Winter Hours: 10 a.m. to  4 p.m., daily

Huber Woods Park Reptile House 

From slithering snakes to hopping frogs, the Huber Woods Park’s Reptile House is once again teeming with life.  Reopened after extensive renovations, the Reptile House invites visitors to see native reptiles and amphibians and learn about their role in our environment. Visitors to the Reptile House can see and learn about a Natural Corn Snake, Northern Pine Snake, Eastern King Snake, Northern Diamondback Terrapins, Spotted Turtles, Fowlers Toads, and Gray Tree Frogs among other creatures.   


Huber Woods Environmental Center

The Huber Woods Environmental Center helps visitors experience and develop relationships with the natural world through exhibits and displays.  Come explore its hands-on exhibit areas.  While there, play Native American instruments while viewing and listening to recordings of American Indian musicians and dancers. 

Lenape drum 

Try basket weaving, archeology, the revolving maize game and many other Lenape activities.  Discover something new in the environment at the Junior Naturalist station.  Watch tadpoles and frogs frolic in the Forest Room. 

Junior Naturalist Station

View the many colorful native birds outside or play in the puppet theater.  Live turtles and snakes await your visit to the Reptile House.  Huber Woods Park also features an all-access Discovery Path, wooded trails and a beautiful picnic area with a view of the meadows and Navesink River.


Discovery Path

Discovery Path   
This fun little trail has a lot to offer. Beginning on either side of the Environmental Center, each twist and turn showcases different settings and exhibits. The highlight of the Discovery Path is our newly added Pollinator Garden. With a wonderful splash of color, this garden brings beauty to Huber Woods as well as provides a safe haven for our pollinator friends. Other points of interest along the path include a berry patch, frog pond, boardwalk overlook, and more!

rock art  

While on a stroll along the Huber Woods Discovery Path, you might come across some painted rocks. Acting just like plant labels, these rocks help showcase what each plant will look like even if it isn’t currently in flower. 



  • Garden State Parkway to Exit 109. Southbound, turn left onto Rt. 520. Take jughandle for Half Mile Rd; northbound, go straight at exit. Follow Half Mile Rd. to end. Turn right at traffic light onto East Front St. Follow East Front St. to Hubbard Ave. Turn left onto Hubbard Ave. and follow (.6 mile) to Navesink River Rd. Turn right onto Navesink River Rd. and continue 3.2 miles. Turn left onto Brown's Dock Rd. Park entrance is at top of hill. 
  • State Hwy. 35 to Navesink River Rd. (north of Cooper Avenue Bridge, Red Bank.) Northbound, turn right. Southbound, use jughandle to make left turn. Travel east on Navesink River Rd. (2.8 miles) to Brown's Dock Rd. Turn left onto Brown's Dock Rd. The park entrance is at the top of the hill.