Men’s 60+ Touring League

2018 Spring League Scoreboard    

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League Outline:  

The Monmouth County Men’s 60+ fall touring league is a competitive 10 weeks of stroke play qualifier followed by 3 rounds of match play.  Lowest 8 out of 10 rounds will be used to determine seating for match play. League rounds will be played at Charleston Springs North (2), Charleston Springs South (2), Hominy Hill (2), Howell Park (2), and Shark River (2). A maximum handicap of 26 will be used and if your handicap is more than 26 it will be reduced to 26.  The top 8 players will quality for match play. Prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place league winners. If registration exceeds 36 players the league will adjust to a 16 player match play with 7 of 9 weeks scores used for seating.
League updates are posted weekly online and by email.  Tee times will be assigned starting at 10 a.m.  Participants must have a USGA handicap and a Monmouth County Golf ID Card. An entry fee of $305 covers all greens fees and season ending prizes, for power carts: applicable cart fees apply. 

Tee times:  
Tee times will be assigned randomly starting each week at 10 a.m. for the entire 10 week season. Please locate your name on the weekly tee sheets to find your starting time.  A copy of the tee time schedule will be provided the first week.   

All matches will be played from the “Senior” tees at Howell Park, Hominy Hill and Charleston Springs. At Shark River the white tees will be used. We will speak with the Golf Course Superintendent in advance to make sure the white tees will be set up at yardages similar to other official senior tees.

Maximum handicap of 26. If your handicap is more than 26 it will be reduced to 26. Based on your handicap index, the appropriate course handicaps will be used for the matches. Your course handicap will be displayed on the score card before each round. The score cards will be handed out from the Golf Center to a member of the foursome in which you are assigned to play.

Match scores will be posted by the Monmouth County Park System staff for all matches before the next handicap revision. Please do not post your own score to avoid double postings. We appreciate your cooperation.

You will keep your playing partner's score and vice versa. Scoring will be based on your handicap. We will take your gross score minus your course handicap to equal your weekly score.  Score cards must be handed back to the Golf Center staff after each match for calculation of gross and net scoring.

Weekly results will be posted on this page. In addition to the gross/net score postings, we will also provide weekly rankings based on the low net scores. The scores will be displayed in ranking order from the total lowest net score to the highest. The top 8 out of 10 scores will be used to determine the league winner. 

USGA rules govern all play. If local rules will be in effect, you will be notified by the Golf Center staff.  For additional league guidelines governing speed of play, lost balls, provisional shot and more, click HERE.

If the Monmouth County Park System decides to close a golf course due to inclement weather, a match will be rescheduled; otherwise, the matches will be played rain or shine. If in doubt about the weather, please call the Golf Center.

2018 Spring 60 + Touring League Information       
The spring season begins and runs on Tuesdays April 24th through June 26th with match play on July 3, 10 and 17th.

Register Here: Registration begins February 7, 2018

Spring 2018 Season Schedule  

Tuesdays: April 24 to July 17   
Week 1 – April 24 – Howell Park
Week 2 – May 1 – Charleston South
Week 3 – May 8 – Shark River
Week 4 – May 15 – Hominy Hill
Week 5– May 22 – Charleston North
Week 6 – May 29 – Hominy Hill
Week 7 – June 5 – Shark River
Week 8 – June 12 – Howell Park
Week 9 – June 19 – Charleston South
Week 10 – June 26– Charleston North

Match Play – Courses TBD   
Round 1 – Tuesday, July 3
Round 2 – Tuesday, July 10
Round 3 – Tuesday, July 17

For more information please contact:

Keith Heckman
732-462-9224, ext. 1#
Golf Administration

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