Facility Status

Fishing at Thompson Park   

All parks are open with reduced parking and strict social distancing requirements. Face coverings are strongly recommended and are required in restrooms. No group gatherings. Some restrooms are open but otherwise buildings are closed, along with some facilities. Here are the details:   

The following facilities are open:    
  • Trails
  • Open lands
  • Beaches (Please note - Park access and parking fees will be collected on weekends May 23 through June 7 and daily from June 13 through Labor Day at Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park.)
  • Boat ramps (no fee collected)
  • Marina
  • Fishing areas
  • Golf courses
  • Disc golf course
  • Off-leash dog areas 
  • Tennis courts
  • Turkey Swamp Park Family Campground opens May 22. (Please note - No cabin rentals until further notice. Restrooms, showers and other amenities are available except for laundry, playgrounds and boat rentals.
  • Restrooms (Please note - Restrooms will be open but are subject to periodic extended closings for cleanings throughout the day.) 

The following facilities remain closed:  

  • Buildings
  • Shelter buildings and picnic pavilions
  • Longstreet Farm
  • Playgrounds
  • Fishing piers
  • Skateplex
  • Athletic fields
  • Basketball courts
  • In-line skating rink
  • Boat and bicycle rental operations   
  • Fitness trails
  • Sunnyside Equestrian Center
  • Sprayground
  • Nomoco Group Campground
  • Fort Monmouth Recreation Center Pool