Golf Tournament Winners

Congratulations to our winners! 

Polar Bear Golf Tournament Winners:

Eric Hill, Kathleen Smith & Larry West

See the results of the 2017 Polar Bear Golf Tournament   

Overall Club Championship Winners:

Scott Sayers
Scott Sayers - Champion Flight

Scott Matthews
Scott Matthews - A Flight

Charlie Reina
Charlie Reina - B Flight

Brian O'Mahony
Brian O'Mahony - C Flight


The Jersey Devil Tournament: 

1st Place Net - Robert Drobish & Fred Igarta
1st Place Gross - Scott Sayers & Chris Munger
2nd Place Net - John & Mike Butler
2nd Place Gross - Stephen McManus & Matt Kronisch
3rd Place Net - Ed Hocker & Howard Hurwitz
3rd Place Gross - Richard Lippert & Frank Korn
Closest to the Pin - Donald MacFarland 

 Robert Drobish
Robert Drobish

Scott Sayers & Chris Munger
Scott Sayers & Chris Munger

John & Mike Butler
John & Mike Butler

Stephen McManus & Matt Kronisch
 Matt Kronisch & Stephen McManus

 Ed Hocker & Howard Hurwitz
Ed Hocker & Howard Hurwitz

Donald MacFarland
Donald MacFarland


Team Championship  

Low Gross First Place 
Scott Sayers - Score 71
Mike Herrick

Low Net First Place 
Jim Bartlett - Score 60
Bill Kinder

Low Net Second Place 
William Taylor - Score 61
Richard Russell

Low Net Third Place  
Robert Drobish - Score 62
Ron Seidel

Low Net Fourth Place  
Jayesh Patel - Score 63
Andy Patel

Final Club Championship Winners 

Charleston Springs Club Championship 

Young Min Jang 
Championship Flight Winner - Young Min Jang

Greg Stephanides
Second Place Champ Flight - Greg Stephanides

Dave Garbolino
A Flight Winner - Dave Garbolino 

Craig Sands
A Flight Second Place - Craig Sands

Jim Krampert
B Flight Winner - Jim Krampert

Kevin Roche
B Flight Second Place - Kevin Roche

Brian O'Mahony
C Flight Winner - Brian O'Mahony

Morgan Laury
C Flight Second Place - Morgan Laury

Charleston Springs Club Championship - Match Play Brackets (Final)
 Charleston Springs Club Championship - Match Play Brackets 

2016 Youth Championship at Bel-Aire Golf Course – Results:

Children Division (Ages 6-10) 

Kashish Malik and Elle Vitanzo
(l to r - Kashish Malik and Elle Vitanzo)

1.  Kashish Malik
2.  Elle Vitanzo

Matthew McLaughlin, Alexander Jang and James Cadott Jr.
(l to r - Matthew McLaughlin, Alexander Jang and James Cadott Jr.)

1.  Matthew McLaughlin
2.  Alexander Jang
3.  James Cadott Jr.

Junior Division (Ages 11-14)    

Claudia Zhang, Sophia Taverna & Jessica Brehm
(l to r - Claudia Zhang, Sophia Taverna & Jessica Brehm)

1.  Sophia Taverna
2.  Jessica Brehm
3.  Claudia Zhang

(l to r - Arjun Malik, Ethan Lee & Edward Jang)

1.  Arjun Malik
2.  Ethan Lee
3.  Edward Jang    

Club Championship Standings - 2016 (Shark River Update) 

Shark River Club Championship 

See the results of the Shark River Club Championship Match Play  

Champion Flight Champ Kelly Barry & Champion Flight Runner Up Mike Herrick 

Kelly Barry - Champion Flight & Champ Mike Herrick - Champion Flight Runner Up
A Flight Champ Tim Daugherty & A Flight Runner Up Thomas Lynch

B Flight Champ Charlie Reina

  B Flight Runner Up Ed Deverell

C Flight Champ Jeff Schoolcraft & C Flight Runner Up Dominic Zaccoli

Hominy Hill Club Championship 

Championship Flight - Scott Sayers & James Dufficy
Championship Flight - Scott Sayers & James Dufficy

Flight A - Scott Matthews

Flight A - Daniel Skurat

Flight B - Leonard Menditto & Charlie Reina
Flight B - Leonard Menditto & Charlie Reina

Flight C - Tarik Hussain & James Stirn

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Junior Amateur Championship 2016 - Howell Park Golf Course

Winner - Mike Stefanelli  78,82 = 160

   Howell Park Club Championship

Greg O'Connor
Championship Flight Winner - Greg O'Connor

Jeff Cattanach
Second Place Champ Flight - Jeff Cattanach

Scott Matthews
 A Flight Winner - Scott Matthews 

Mike Butler
A Flight Second Place - Mike Butler

Charles Reina
B Flight Winner - Charles Reina

Barry Collins
B Flight Second Place - Barry Collins

Brian O'Mahoney
C Flight Winner - Brian O'Mahoney

Gaetano Ragusa
C Flight Second Place -  Gaetano Ragusa

See the results of Howell Park Club Championship Match Play 

See the results of the first weekend of the Howell Park Club Championship.  

Four Club Tournament

Charlie Reina
Charlie Reina

First Place Winner - Rich Lippert of Middletown (score of 81)
Second Place Winner - Charlie Reina (score of 82)


Two-Person Alternate Shot Tournament

Barry Collins & James Duffacy   James L. Tuberville
Barry Collins/James Dufficy                                           James L. Tuberville

Charlie Reina & Tom DeCarlo
Charlie Reina & Tom DeCarlo

Low Gross:
First: Barry Collins/James Dufficy - 72
Second: Casey Sullivan/Bryan Sullivan - 73

Low Net:
First: Charlie Reina/Tom DeCarlo - 58
Second: Michael Butler/Butler - 65           

Closest to the PIN: James L. Tuberville

See complete results.  

 Monmouth County Amateur Tournament

Eric Lefante
First Place - Eric Lefante 

Ryan MacDonald      
Second Place - Ryan MacDonald                                       Third Place -   Logan Sabins 

First Place - Eric Lefante 
Second Place  - Ryan MacDonald 
Third Place -  Logan Sabins 
    See complete results.

Men's 40+ Open Tournament Winners

Low Gross  
40-49:  Mike Bryce 74
50-59:  Kurt Kroeper  74
60+:  Jack George  75
Low Net  1st Place  
40-49:  Joseph Fusco 70
50-59:  Barry Collins  68
60 +:  David Deering  70
Low Net 2nd Place 
40-49:  Fred Igarta  71
50-59:  Robert Aloisi  69
60+:  Anthony Soscia  72
Closest to Pin - Anthony Soscia
Longest Drive - Paul Leddy

Polar Bear Tournament

Polar Bear Tournament

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