Nature Calendar - March

March brings the arrival of spring.  Throughout the month, nature is busy preparing for the season. Signs of it are everywhere - the first buds on trees, the return of migratory birds and the call of spring peepers.

Here are some things to look and listen for during the month:

  • Eastern chipmunks emerge from their burrows and start looking for a mate.  Chipmunks can be spotted at Huber Woods Park.
  • Muskrats are also beginning to mate and will have young kits about 30 days later.
  • Frogs and salamanders burrow up out of the mud.
  • Wood frogs, pickerel frogs and chorus frogs' breeding season begins. Listen for the call of spring peepers and wood frogs at Turkey Swamp Park.
  • During rainy nights, marbled salamanders, redback salamanders, bullfrogs, green frogs, pickerel frogs, spring peepers and wood frogs are active.
  • Listen for the robins' "cheeriup cheerily" song.
  • Mourning cloak butterflies can be spotted coming out of hibernation on warm days.  Look for them in Thompson Park.

During this month:

  • Bald eagle chicks begin to hatch. 
  • Grackles and other blackbirds return.  Red-winged blackbirds can be spotted returning to wetlands.
  • American goldfinches yellow feathers start coming in on their heads and throats.
  • Piping plovers arrive on the beaches including Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park.
  • Ospreys return to the state.
  • Wading birds, such as the great and snowy egret and black-crowned night heron return to nesting sites around the bay. Try spotting them at Bayshore Waterfront Park

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