Sunnyside Equestrian Center

628 Middletown-Lincroft Road, Middletown      

The Park System equestrian programs are held at the Sunnyside Equestrian Center. Limited group programs offered. Please call 732-224-1367, ext. 1 for more information including rates and scheduling.

  • Equine Environment for Learning    
    This custom eight week program is designed for school groups of up to ten participants. The curriculum consists of classroom sessions, plus mounted and non-mounted activities with the horses. Goals such as team building, respect, responsibility, safety, kindness and self-esteem are encouraged and enhanced within the program. Participants will explore horse behavior and care along with learning basic riding skills.

  • Disability Awareness - 1.5 hours
    Participants will learn about therapeutic horseback riding and what it feels like to live with a disability. The program includes both classroom activities and a short ride on a horse.
    • Ages 8-11 
    • Group size: 15-20 participants with 3-5 chaperones

  • Equestrian Experience - 1 hour
    Participants will tour the barn, learn how to groom a horse, and learn the proper techniques to lead a horse through an obstacle course.
    •  Group size: 5 min./15 max.

  • Fun with Horses -1 hour
    This program explores the world of horses and horseback riding. Participants will take a tour of the barn, learn how to groom a horse, and go for a short ride with the assistance of their adult partner.
    •  Ages 5-8 with an adult partner for each participant.