Nature Lecture Series

Bayshore Waterfront Park Activity Center, Port Monmouth 

Nature Lecture Series  

Join us for a series of eye-opening talks by Park System Naturalists and discover what’s lurking in the coastal waters of Monmouth County. The presentations are designed to inform the public of current issues, ecology and science research, and to inspire appreciation for the local natural world. FREE!

Here's what's planned:  

Trying to Bring Back Oysters
Thursday, April 19 from 7-8 p.m.
Did you know that oysters, natural filter feeders, were so plentiful in local waters that they were sold for just a penny a piece? Oyster beds in the area were producing 700 million oysters a year. Join us as we explore the history of shellfishing in Monmouth County from the Native Americans to the exhaustion of oyster beds by pollution and overharvesting by the 1920s. Can oysters make a comeback today to help once again cleanup waters while providing a tasty treat?

Horseshoe Crabs Trying to Survive in the Modern World
Thursday, May 17 from 7-8 p.m.
Horseshoe crabs are vital to the ecology of local tidal waters in Monmouth County. Every year, during the full and new moons of late May and early June, many horseshoe crabs crawl up on beaches to spawn and lay eggs to begin the next generation, as they have for millions of years. But today there are many threats to the survival of these ancient seafarers. Join us as we discover why the population of horseshoe crabs is declining and how lots of people are currently working to protect the crab through research and what you can do to help. It will be a fascinating learning experience! 


For more information about any of these offerings, please call Bayshore Waterfront Park at 732-787-3033, ext. 2#.