Nature Lecture Series

Bayshore Waterfront Park Activity Center, Port Monmouth 

Nature Lecture Series  

Join us for a series of eye-opening talks by Park System Naturalists and discover what’s lurking in the coastal waters of Monmouth County. The presentations are designed to inform the public of current issues, ecology and science research, and to inspire appreciation for the local natural world. FREE!

Here's what's planned:  

Seals of Monmouth County
Thursday, January 17 from 7-8 p.m.
Believe it or not a variety of seals call the shores of Monmouth County home each winter, including harbor seals, harp seals, and grey seals. Find out where to see them and when, and other information about the lives and ecology of our local seal population. This presentation will also provide ways for you to care for the marine environment.

Herons, Egrets and other Wading Birds
Thursday, February 28 from 7-8 p.m.
After decades of being difficult to find, many people are now able to spot a variety of long-legged birds, such as the Great American Egret, the Glossy Ibis, and the Great Blue Heron, the tallest native bird in New Jersey. Wading birds come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Find out who calls the coastline and mudflats of Monmouth County home as we spend time discovering what makes a bird a wading bird, where do they nest, what they eat, where they migrate, and what unique characteristics do wading birds have in common. We will also find what we can do to protect these beautiful birds.  

For more information about any of these offerings, please call Bayshore Waterfront Park at 732-787-3033, ext. 2#.